60: today is a special day. we bring you part one of two on Telegram, internet freedom in Russia, and how the block works technically speaking. We spoke with loads of people, like Telegram's lawyer Damir Gainutdinov, and the creator of the infamous usher2, Phil Kulin

"Send people with Telegram on their phones to prison, for example. Then yes, people will actually be afraid to use Telegram and will stop using it. But that's the kind of scenario I would really not like to see in Russia. When for example when people are stopped and their phones are searched. Honestly, I'm an optimist. I think that...they won't block it. The won't be able to.

And right now they're trying and trying, there will be a certain amount of pressure, specifically socially, and ultimately they'll drop the whole thing and quit the nonsense. Because specifically from the point of view of the government, it's really nonsense, pointless, relentless work that hinders everyone else. It doesn't do any good for anyone."

- Mikhail Klimarev, Executive Director of ОЗИ